News & Events

13. May 2024

After months of implementing small changes in our day-to-day life in the lab, we finally completed the My Green Lab certification and we’re proud to announce that we reached the Green Level! Thanks to the whole team for their efforts in making science a little bit more sustainable!

01. August 2023

Today our new PhD candidate Anna Ries joined the group! Welcome!

04. August 2023

It’s the end of an era: Felix Rohde is leaving us today. Although we’re sad to see him go, we wish him all the best for his future. Hope to see you again soon!

01. August 2023

Our new PhD candidate started today! Welcome Annika Horchler!

16. June 2023

The Night of Science at Campus Riedberg is back! Our Head of Institute, Maike Windbergs, is giving a talk at 6pm with interesting insights into animal-free pharmaceutical research. Come and join in Hörsaal B1!

23. May 2023

+++New Publication Alert+++

Bacteriophage-loaded functional nanofibers for treatment of P. aeruginosa and S. aureus wound infections‚ is the newest publication of first author Tobias Kielholz, congratulations!

01. May 2023

We got a new pharmaceutical intern: Deniz Özcan! He will work with our Senior Scientist Viktoria on a new and exciting project.


15. April 2023

Say hi to Marie Rau, our new Master student! She is a former champion in competitive dancing & we hope she will bring this energy to our lab. Welcome!


30. March 2023

Felix defended his Thesis very successfully – Congratulations Dr. Felix Rohde! Check out his key publications here, here and here.

27. March 2023

The first paper of our 3D in vitro biofilm models is finally ready for publication! Jana Wächter worked very hard during her PhD on this project and we’re so proud of her and the results of her research. Check it out here: ‚Imitating the microenvironment of native biofilms using nanofibrous scaffolds to emulate chronic wound infections

03. March 2023

Congratulations to our PhD student Jonas Schreiner for winning the Best Talk Award at the CRS Local Chapter Meeting in Würzburg!

02. March 2023

The CRS Local Chapter Meeting is starting today in Würzburg! We send Dr. Sarah Vogel-Kindgen and our PhD students Felix Brettner, Jonas Schreiner and Juliana dos Santos to present their research in several exciting posters and talks. Have fun guys!

11. February 2023

We have added nanoindentation to our methodology toolkit! We can’t wait to see the fascinating analyses our team will perform.

01. February 2023

We have two new additions to the team! Jana Romy Friedrich joined our Team as a Master student and Lennart Christe started his PhD journey today. Both will explore bacterial vesicles as inspiration for drug delivery systems. Welcome!


30. January 2023

+++New publication alert+++

Check out the new paper of first author Felix Rohde titeled ‚A Dual-Function Electrospun Matrix for the Prevention of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Infections after Corneal Transplantation‚!